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Member Etiquette

Formokan Judo Club is an inclusive dojo therefore while our Dojo or at any Judo function we expect that all members treat everyone with respect regardless of religion, race, sexuality or lifestyle. Any incidences to the contrary the offending person(s) will be asked to leave. 

  •  All outdoor footwear must be removed in the entrance area. Indoor footwear can be worn inside the dojo.

  • Be punctual at all scheduled trainings and events. 

  • Help keep the Dojo clean and in good repair

  • Wear traditional judogi properly at all practice sessions

  • Keep judogi clean and in good repair

  • Wear the belt of the earned rank only

  • Female members must wear a t-shirt (or other approved clothing) under judogi, optional for males

  • Only white or blue judogi are allowed to be worn

  • Keep bodies CLEAN with finger and toe nails trimmed with special attention to FEET and HANDS

  • Remove all jewelry and hard objects before entering the training area. Tape earrings if cannot be removed

  • No food, candy or gum while in training area

  • Only water or sports drinks allowed in training area

  • Drink near the edge of the mats to avoid spills in training area. Clean spills immediately

  • Abstain from training while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Refrain from engaging in idle talk while on the mats

  • Pay close attention with no talking while the instructor is speaking

  • Be attentive at all times while on the mats. Do not turn your back to the training area.

  • Obey the instructor in judo instruction and address them in the proper manner

  • Sit in an acceptable manner while on the mats

  • Use correct forms of kneeling and standing bows

  • Accept instruction from an authorized instructor only

  • Practice only techniques that have been taught by an approved instructor. Online videos are NOT an approved instructor. Use online as helpful tools only. Ask an instructor to teach any technique you have seen and would like to learn.

  • Use only those techniques that are appropriate to the age, skill, and ability of your partner

  • Seek to practice with higher ranked partners

  • Engage in competition/randori only when authorized by the instructor

  • Follow the rules of the contest

  • Do NOT leave the training area for any reason without notifying the instructor

  • We respectfully ask that you inform us if you plan on visiting other dojos, or competitions. As members of Formokan judo club we reserve the right to deny students from training elsewhere unless approved by the instructors.

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