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Parental Interaction

It can be exciting to watch your child train and compete in the club.  The urge to provide instruction or guidance as the young Judoka learns during regular Tuesday and/or Thursday night training can be overwhelming at times.  However, we respectfully request that you refrain from reprimanding or providing verbal instruction while spectating.  Our Instructors (Sensei's) are all very experienced in handling young Judoka and sometimes, parental assistance can be distracting to both the child and the Sensei.  We ask you to refrain from verbally interacting with your child/children while class is in session. Interaction is allowed during breaks in instruction (i.e. water breaks).


Bullying and Overly Aggressive Behaviour

Formokan Judo club is a safe place.  It is a place where we are all one team, learning, competing and growing together.  THERE IS NO ROOM FOR BULLYING OF ANY NATURE IN OUR DOJO!  This includes all physical and/or verbal incidences. If we are alerted to a bullying incident or the Sensei's deem behaviour overly aggressive we will take the following steps:

  1. Investigate to determine the facts

  2. If deemed a first-time incident of bullying or aggressive behaviour the party will be verbally warned. In extreme situations a discussion with parents/guardians may be neccessary.

  3. If a second incident occurs, the child or adult will be asked to leave the mats immediately and Sensei's will take measures, which may include revoking membership to Formokan Judo Club with no refund.


Child Pick-Up and Drop Off

The safety of all Formokan Judo Club members is of utmost importance.  When dropping off your child, we ask that if the front doors are locked and/or an adult Formokan Judo Club staff member is not present, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILD UN-ATTENDED


Children must remain in the Dojo area (not by the front door) until their parent comes into the building to pick them up.  If for some reason the parent/guardian is unable to pick up the child and someone else has been asked to pick them up, please inform us immediately by telephone.  If we have not received a telephone call from the parent/guardian, we will not allow the child to leave with someone else.  Lastly, if you will be more than 15 minutes late, we ask for a courtesy call.


Judo Ontario Fees

It is absolutely critical that ALL Judoka's on the mats have valid and current Judo Ontario/Canada memberships.  Membership with Judo Ontario/Canada ensures that the club is included in the group insurance coverage.  From time-to-time, it is Formokan Judo Club's policy to spot check members to ensure they are current with Judo Ontario.  If a member is found not to be paid up, they will be asked to immediately leave the mats and refrain from training until their Judo Ontario fee's are paid in full.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.


Formokan Club Arrears

Formokan Judo is a small and growing club.  In order for us to stay on track and continue to provide our membership with top quality instruction, training and support it is essential that all members stay current with their Formokan Judo Club fees.  We understand that from time-to-time, people face difficulties.  If this is the case, we respectful request that you talk to us privately to make arrangements.  We will only allow for a two week grace period.  If you are still in arrears after two weeks and have not made arrangements, we ask that you refrain from attending class until you can bring your account back up-to-date.

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