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Parent/Gaurdian and Visitor Etiquette

Formokan Judo Club is an inclusive dojo so while Visiting our Dojo or at any Judo function we expect that parents/guardians and visitors treat everyone with respect regardless of religion, race, sexuality or lifestyle. Any incidences to the contrary the offending person(s) will be asked to leave. 


We ask that all outdoor footwear be removed in the entrance area. Indoor footwear can be worn inside the dojo.

Formokan judo club has an open door policy, therefore all parents/ guardians are welcome to watch their children train. However the main mat area has no room for spectator to be in the room. Seating is provided in the front room for you to relax. While visiting the dojo we have provided free beverages such as water, coffee, tea etc. We ask the you use the cups provided with lids.

It can be exciting to watch your child train and compete in the club.  The urge to provide instruction or guidance as the young Judoka learns during regular Tuesday and/or Thursday night training can be overwhelming at times.  However, we respectfully request that you refrain from reprimanding or providing verbal instruction while spectating.  Our Instructors (Sensei's) are all very experienced in handling young Judoka and sometimes, parental assistance can be distracting to both the child and the Sensei.  We ask you to refrain from verbally interacting with your child/children while class is in session. Interaction is allowed during breaks in instruction (i.e. water breaks).

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